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Day 20 - Favorite kiss

I’m a fan of the Kirk & Uhura kiss for it’s historical value, but in general there isn’t a whole lot of kissing in Star Trek (outside the original series anyway).

CJ & Danny’s first kiss was really well done, so lets go with that one.

I think part of the reason I’ve had Halloween on the brain is because some not so deep down lizard part of my brain has said that “SUMMER IS DONE! I AM DONE WITH SUMMER!!!!!” and the slightly more advanced part of my brain has translated that into Halloween. Plus for the last several years I’ve been filing all these neat projects that I keep seeing online into the back of my brain, and it’s now full, and spilling out.

Last night, after dropping off the license plates, I stopped at a Salvation Army store that I had passed on the way to the MVA. I was looking specifically for either cheap toys that I could salvage for various projects, or old encyclopedia sized books to destroy/improve in a variety of ways. I found 2 good books, including a very appropriate Mysteries of the Unexplaned. As I left the store and started to walk to the car I noticed that there was a Goodwill store across the street. 3 more books, a bag of balloons and a nifty looking water gun. My plan is to turn them into creepy Halloween books like this: Old Creepy Book

And for the record, I am SO done with 90 degree weather.
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