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Day 22 - Favorite series finale

Many of them do it so right. The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Wonderfalls, DS9 and TNG. The ones that make the best ending are the ones that let you know that while the show is ending, the story doesn’t. When Sam turns out the lights at Cheers you know that the next day he’ll be back to turn them on again, that Norm and Cliff will be hanging out at the end of the bar. You know that Rory will go on to follow the Obama campaign through to the inauguration and that after that possibilities will continue to open up for her, Lorelei and Sookie will still have their B&B.

Which one is my favorite? I'm going to have to go with TNG, if only because I know that after it ends I still get a couple of movies.

There has been some progress on my paper mache statue. Since this picture was taken I made up some paper mache clay and added some cheek definition, lengthened the tail, and filled in a few gaps. I also bulked up the tentacles with some rolled up newspaper. They were looking too flat. Tomorrow I'm planning on adding one more layer of paper mache on top of what I've already got done, and then it'll be time to do some painting I think.

One of the other Halloween projects I'm thinking about is gravestones, and I was thinking about who/what to put on them. I was considering putting fictional dead characters on them, like Wash "I'm a leaf on the wind" or Chewbacca "R.A. Salvatore dropped a moon on me!" Any other ideas or characters I should consider?


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