Aug. 2nd, 2010

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Whooops! Meant to post this yesterday...

Day 22 - Favorite documentary

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen - Who knew bowling could be so interesting? I like htis one the best because it wasn't really depressing, and a lot of documentaries are.

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Day 23 - Favorite animation

Ok, we’re going to break this question down into the categories of: Pixar, Disney, and Anything Else. It just doesn't seem fair to lump them all together.

For Pixar I’m going with Toy Story, though it was a tough choice. Monsters Inc and The Incredibles were close seconds.

The winner in the Disney category is Aladin, with Sleeping Beauty and Sword in the Stone runners up.

For Everything Else I’ve always been a fan of Fern Gully, if only for Tim Curry playing the bad guy. An American Tail, Charlotte’s Web, and All Dogs Go To Heaven top that list.

I mowed the front lawn this weekend for the first time in almost 2 months. Between the excessive heat and the lack of rain it really hasn't needed it until now. I did have a major set back; the handlebar broke. It's been kinda weak for a while, but it just tore.

And it doesn't seem to be the sort of thing you can easily replace. I guess no one bothers to get replacement parts for a hundred dollar lawn mower from Lowes. And it has lasted us quite a while, so I can't complane too much. It did require getting a new one, so this time I got the $150 version from Home Depot. It seems more sturdy, a little heavier, sop I'm hoping that it does better than the old one.

Laser puppies shown for scale

Tonight I mowed the back yard and cooked some burgers and dogs on the grill. Hot dogs, not corgis. But while I was mowing back by the broken AC a fast brown streak shot out from in front of the lawn mower.

Poor little thing, I think I gave it a heart attack!

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