Aug. 5th, 2010

archmage: (Lucy & I reading)
Day 26 - A movie that you love but everyone else hates

Ok, I'm just gonna have to pass on this question. I can't think of a single movie that I love that at least one of my friends and loved ones don't also at least like. Sorry.

Thunderstorms rolled through last night. They were really stunning, brought some much needed rain, and a bit of a reprieve from the heat. Sadly that didn’t last. Today we’re in the mid 90’s and it feels like the mid 100’s. I am SO ready for autumn. We were supposed to get more rain today, but it looks like only to the south. :-(

On top of the heat, or perhaps because of it, everyone at work today seemed at least on edge, and too many were well over it.

Last evening we took the dogs over to Dogma and used their self serve dog wash to was both Alice and Lucy. We've never used it before, but it was so much easier than doing it in the shower at home. No crying, screaming, attempted suicide, and Lucy and Alice handled it pretty well too.


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