Aug. 9th, 2010

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This is it, the last question of the movie meme. Tomorrow I start the TV meme!!

Day 30 - Your favorite movie of all time

This question is really asking a lot. I mean, favorite movie of ALL TIME. That’s a heck of a title to add to something, really defining.

I’m going to have to go with Ghostbusters.

My favorite Star Trek movie would be IV: The Voyage Home (aka the one with the whales), with II and VI coming in a close #2 and #3.

The heat is back. It’s supposed to be 90+ degrees for the week. The whole week!

So like I said in my last entry, a group of us went down to Dulles Expo Center to check out the BrickFair Lego Fan Festival. It was really amazing what people can do with Lego’s. It was also amazing how many people were there. It was exhausting just being around that many people, especially when so many of them were over stimulated children.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the even. Not shown are all the pictures of people hands pointing right in front of the camera and crooked out of focus pictures from being bumped into. Tigs got the brunt of that, in large part because we forgot to charge the small camera, so it died pretty early on.

I think my favorite thing from the Brickfair were all of the Ghostbusters Lego creations. Multiple Ecto-1s, Stay Puft Marshmallow Men, and the Ghostbusters themselves!

You can see more in my Brick Fair gallery.


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