Aug. 20th, 2010

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Day 10 - A show you thought you would not like but ended up loving

As a nice followup to last nights viewing, I was skeptical of Project Runway as a concept. I didn’t see how they could really turn a show about people making clothing interesting. Boy was I wrong!

Busy busy day. Banking, and paperwork, and tonight an agility trial. It'll be just me and Lucy tonight, and only 1 run.
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Our dog club decided to try having a single CPE run tonight, and I think Lucy and I did pretty well out there.
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Happy To Be Here
By Garrison Keillor

If you enjoy NPR's A Prairie Home Companion you'll enjoy this collection of short stories.

The Whiskey Rebels
By David Liss

Set shortly after the American Revolution, Washington is president, Hamilton has formed the Bank of the United States, and the nation is a fragile place. A wronged woman from the west and a disgraced intelligence officer work to shape the fate of the new nation each in their own way. This is a very well written book, though the story didn't really grab me until about half way though. That asks a lot since it is 525 pages long. But once it got going, I had trouble putting it down. If you have any interest at all in the early years of the USA then you'll enjoy this.

I'm currently reading The Phantom of the Opera and I'll be starting The Dunwich Horror after that - both on the Kindle.


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