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It’s been too hot to think. Or to post an entry it seems. Now I’m a little behind on the movie meme, and since I promised you 60 entries, I’m not going to try to catch up, I’m just going to continue on from where I left off.

Day 11 - A movie that changed your opinion about something
Zombieland! While I have always liked zombies, I never really cared for them in film. I’ve never been much of a horror/gore fan, so most zombie films failed from the start with me.

Star Trek (2009) showed me that reboots can work, if done right.

We had a very exciting, if very hot weekend. Tigs’ dad came down to visit. The two of them went to go see the Orioles, and I stayed home with the girls. It ended up being an ok trade off, as the Os didn’t win anyway. And you know, that’s a shame. But I spent my time at home productively. And by productively I mean that I finished Jade Empire, almost finished building my Hirst Arts bell tower, and finished watching Season 1 of Legend of the Seeker.

Sunday we went down to Artscape in Baltimore. It was hot, humid, and sunny, but aside from that pretty good. We got to see some interesting artwork, some fantastic cars, and even a bunch of robots and rockets.

There were also a ton of giveaways. We walked away with so much swag!

If you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you’ll see the real prize of the day.

That’s right! 2 tickets to see the Orioles tomorrow night! How cool is that? Pretty damn cool. Plus every game we go to increases the chances that we’ll actually see them win a game.

You can see the rest of the pictures here: Artscape 2010


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