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Day 28 - First t.v show obsession

Really? You need to ask that question? Ok, fine. It's Star Trek The Next Generation. Do you now feel like you know something that you didn't already?

I didn't think so.

The Jo-Ann Fabric store near us just remodeled, and they sent out a huge number of coupons. Tonight Tigs and I took advantage of them and picked up a number of things. Unfortunately things aren't quite running at 100%. The girls at the cutting counter had all sorts of issues, which caused issues at checkout. Ah well.

I also went to my barber today. I haven't had a barber since I was 10. I have to say that I actually like the feel of a straight razor, and I'm having some crazy thoughts about getting one for myself to shave with.

Here are some work in progress pictures of my current Haloween projects.

First up we have the Cthulhu statue.
In these pictures you can see that I've built up the cheek bones, smoothed out some of the rough spots, and bulked up the tentacles.

Then I started to covered it with a coat of monster mud. It took a few stages to do the whole figure. I made the mud too thick, and it was really difficult to work with a brush. I gave up eventually, donned a couple of rubber gloves, and just smeared it on by hand. That actually worked pretty well, though in the future I'm going to make it thinner.

You can see here how I built up around the eyes with the mud. Once that was all done and dry I brought it outside.

Then I spray painted it green.

That's where it's at now. I'm trying to decide if I want to go and make it a greenish gray or black with green coming through it, and some dark gray highlights.

The other project I'm working on are a series of creepy books. This one is on werewolves. I started by drawing and cutting out a pattern on thick card, and then gluing it to the book.

Here I've added the paper mache paper towel to the cover, and painted it with brown while it was still wet.

Here's one without flash.

Since the pattern didn't show up well enough I decided to paint it.

These are two other books that are in progress.

One of my purchases at Jo-Ann fabrics was a ghastly fur for a monster book. That one's going to be fun!
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